Careers for Public Service

Service, efficiency and transparency.

These are 3 important ways technology updates would better serve our city. My background as an IT professional makes me an excellent candidate to help bring our city fully into the 21st Century.

There is no single career path that qualifies you for public service. Anyone, from a soccer mom to a CEO, could have a unique and important set of skills, experiences or ideas that can be used to benefit their community. Electing officials from diverse backgrounds and various areas of expertise will help ensure your local government takes a more holistic approach to the needs of your area. Think of it as, any sports team. For example, you wouldn’t want your baseball team to only have pitchers, or a football team full of quarterbacks. You want a variety of people who specialize in different areas.

As there are no women currently on Bradenton City Council, and no others running at the time of this post, I already bring a different perspective as a mother, wife and daughter to the council. In a similar way, my career as a Database Administrator & Customer Relationship Management Specialist brings a knowledge base that is currently missing from our city council. Simple IT systems updates that would make life much easier for the people of Bradenton seem to have been placed on the backburner. I found myself asking these questions when I moved within city limits:

Why is it so difficult to sign up for automatic utilities payments?

Why do we have to jump through so many hoops to file a building permit?

Why is our City Charter a poor quality scan of an old paper document?

Updates to the City of Bradenton online systems would make day-to-day life easier for our residents, while also encouraging business growth and providing more opportunities for the local workforce. The information and service possibilities are virtually endless and I know we can better serve our residents, professionals and business owners.

For examples of how another city is utilizing online services, I encourage you to check out the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation’s Data Center and this page about the benefits the City of Tampa has seen since streamlining it’s online permitting process.

Bradenton is a small town, but I still believe we we can service our citizens effectively, efficiently and transparently.

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