Week 25: The No Fundraising Pledge

Today we’re here to talk about money. Yikes!

As this campaign progresses, the more passionately I am convinced that POLITICS SHOULDN’T BE ABOUT MONEY. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be!

Public servants should only have to answer to the voters, not big donors who don’t even reside in the area the candidate represents. Despite what we’ve all heard, money isn’t needed to win electionsYour vote is what matters.

To date, I have not accepted a single campaign contribution. (Yes, there have been offers)

Today I am making a pledge to you that I will continue to run a donation-free campaign.

What is the “No Fundraising Pledge”?

Essentially, this campaign will remain entirely self funded. Campaign financial reports are easily available to the public, so feel free to check anytime and verify the only contributions I have received are from myself. Just click here and choose, “2018 City of Bradenton”. I would also urge you to look at the donations of other candidates for local office. You might be surprised (or not) at what you find.

If you can’t donate, how can you be involved?

Grassroots movements are incredibly powerful! Don’t underestimate them.

Talk to your friends and neighbors. Anyone who tells you, “politics is about money,” respond by saying its their chance to make a change.

Your recommendation to a friend or peer is much more valuable that any street signs I could purchase with a donation. Let’s get the word out!

Changing “politics as usual”  can start right here in Bradenton.




2 thoughts on “Week 25: The No Fundraising Pledge

  1. Interesting, but what do you stand for?

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    1. Hello! Thank you for your question.

      I am happy to give you my stance on any particular issue if you have something in mind.

      One thing specifically I’d like to see is Bradenton taking greater advantage of technology. Our website is terrible, our online payment and permitting systems are outdated. It would be great to have a city newsletter and/or social media sites that keep our residents informed of what’s going on within the city as far as city council meetings, planning, involvement opportunities etc.

      I’d like to see the city and it’s officials making it easy for members of the community to be involved.

      What we often see a lot from elected officials is they get elected and then disappear from the community for 4 years. Voter participation is declining with each new generation at a critical rate. We need public servants who are working to get future voters involved, educated and excited about their right to vote.

      I would love to see internships and shadow programs geared towards high school students, so there is greater opportunity for them to learn about the ins and outs of local government.

      Essentially, I am in favor of keeping the government as small and transparent as possible, but that can only work with an active and engaged community.

      Again, I’m happy to address any specific issue that concerns you.

      Thank you again for your inquiry.


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