Week 43: Term Limits (And Hamilton GIFs)

Most candidates say they are for term limits, but how many back it up with their actions? If politicians think turnover of elected officials is best for the people, why do most stay in office indefinitely if there are no term limit laws to kick them out? When you know something is right, you should do it regardless of rules and regulations forcing you.

This is why I am committed to serving no more than 2 terms in City Council.

Work GIF.gif

There is no question that government becomes stale the longer elected officials stay in the same office, so regardless of there being term limits on city council or not, I will not serve more than 2 consecutive terms.

What are term limits?

If you aren’t familiar, term limits are regulations in place for some elected offices stating that an individual can only hold a seat for a set period of time. The Presidency, for example, can only be held by the same person for 2 consecutive terms. This precedent was set by our first President, George Washington.

The American people decided early on that we never wanted a Monarchy or Dictatorship, which is why we have free elections and term limits to keep one single person from becoming too powerful.

King GIF

Why are term limits important?

Depending on your political persuasion, “Drain the Swamp” may empower or trigger you. Let’s put biases aside and evaluate what this saying actually means, because the concept is good for both conservatives and progressives.

Hamilton GIF

If you’re from the South especially, “swamp” probably brings vivid imagery to mind, all of which likely include humidity, mosquitoes and green slime. The core component of the swamp is stagnant water. The water just sits there. Still. Motionless. No progress forward or backward. Swamps are an important part of ecosystems across the globe, but it’s not the type of system we should use as a model for government, federal or local.

Imagine the possibilities if we changed from a government that is perpetually filled with the same people and the same ideas for DECADES to something more resembling a fresh water spring, fast moving and fresh. What would government look like if unique perspectives and new ideas were constantly flowing through it?

There’s only one way to find out!

End GIF.gif

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