The Issues

The Issues


No elected official who has spent over a decade working in government, regardless of their age, will be current on available technologies and current trends. Local government isn’t cutting edge. It’s the opposite. It’s the desolate wasteland where trends eventually end up after they have been everywhere else.

We live in a data driven society. If we want to attract entrepreneurs and investors to Bradenton, we need to make it easy for them to find useful data online. Right now, we can’t even sign up for recurring utility payments online, much less decide if we should open a business here. We need to bring real career opportunities to our city, not just service industry jobs. The housing market is rising and we don’t have the job market to keep up.

The city of Bradenton has fallen far behind in available technology to drive an economy (Just look at what Tampa and Hillsborough County are doing). My experience working in technology gives me the knowledge to bring important tools and resources to our city which will help drive our economy, beyond businesses that are strictly service industry based. Let’s bring higher wage jobs to Bradenton!

The Flyover

We keep hearing that the traffic is really a burden the county is facing, but the city has to solve it. City council’s responsibility is to city residents, not the county. No city council member should approve or move forward on an traffic solution that will harm the people living in city limits.

The flyover would be harmful to our city, it’s residents and our economy.


The city needs to utilize current technologies to engage it citizens, including an updated website, social media pages and a monthly newsletter that goes out with resident’s utility bills.

We need host meetings at times when the people of Bradenton are able to attend and publish realistic agendas with time slots for discussion points. Community members shouldn’t have to sacrifice an entire workday just to attend a council meeting. The city should make it as easy as possible for our people to make their voices heard.

Everything Else

It would be impossible for any single person to know every issue facing an entire city. That’s why engagement is so important. You know your street better than everyone else. Now we need a city council that is humble to listen to is community members, not pretend like they have all the answers.

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